About Mountain Awards

The story of Mountain Awards is a little unusual from the normal startup of a small business venture. The Tuscola High School Marketing Education program was awarded an educational grant from the federal government in
1990 to research and establish a school based business for profit that would be run by the Marketing students. Dr. Sam Smith, Associate Superintendent of Education, Vocational Director, Ed Willis, Marketing coordinator, Van White and a board of business and education advisors from WCU and HCC began traveling and exploring possible business enterprises. After a year of searching and deliberation it was decided that an engraving business be started since there was none presently being offered in Waynesville, NC. The business was implemented, taught and successfully operated at a profit by students in the Marketing Education program. After two years of operation the school board asked that the program be dismantled and sold since there had been complaints from businesses in neighboring towns that the school system was in direct competition with them. The business was bought by Woody White, a Marketing student at the time, and has been a success in the awards and engraving business since 1995. Woody was named the Entrepreneur of the Year for Haywood County Schools and has now purchased another business, Fantasy Golf, Inc. Mountain Awards is now operated by a schoolmate of Woody's, Anthony Cooper. Both businesses are located at 3659 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC.

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